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Mother had just finished giving bunso a bath. He was about four years old then. While drying up they started to play where mother who was on her back would lift up bunso using her legs while holding his hands for support. It was a game that is known to most Filipinos as superman.  Taking a break from bonding she just sat against the wooden headboard. Then without warning,  bunso came at her. Trying to choke her with his little hands which seemed to have become larger and heavier as the  pressure blocked the air. Mother looked at her youngest son in the eyes. Something else was there.Bunso seemed to posses incredible strength and was smiling mischievously, at the pain of mother. She pleaded, “Please don’t, I’m your mother!”. Bunso  came closer to her face and replied in a raspy small voice, “I won’t kill you! God loves you…” . She was stunned  for a second but quickly found a way to break from his hold. She embraced the child and ran out of the room.